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Rain in Library earns extra OFSTED points.

What lunatic would have thought about putting a fully functional rainforest experience in a school library? Errrm well that’ll be our director of design services. An empty tired library space at Silverdale School, much the same as you’ll find in most schools across the UK, was just a space just begging to have something done to it to ensure that the first question every morning that the kids would ask is “Miss, when can we go into the Rainforest Library?”. Read full article

Newsflash …This news just in ! NASA reporting

Castledown Primary School Hastings was this summer the landing site for a real life ‘Space Pod’. Learning Spaces had the pleasure of working with Neil Small, head teacher at the school, to design and install a fantastic new Learning Resource centre for pupils, teachers and the local community alike. The gauge of the projects success was how much it would improve the enjoyment of reading for everyone and without a doubt it was an overwhelming success. Read what happened to the aliens…

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