Sam Stevens DesignerMan Takes Biscuit

Breaking news … Sam Stevens Director of Design Services at Learning Spaces has just won the prestigious ‘Best School interior Design Award 2013’ as voted for by a pool of the company’s 2012/2013 clients.

The awarding panel as follows:

Silverdale School – Rainforest Library

Castledown School – SpacePod

Somerford School – ‘Big Drama’ stage & amphitheatre

Church Lane School – Apple Suite

Monkspath School – Learning Resource Centre

Ryton Park School – Early Years, Discovery Centre & Little Explorers Centre

Davington School – Funky Library

Futures CC – Apple Learning Centre & Multi media Library

Sheep Dip Lane – I-Lounge (with bubble tubes)

Eastfields – I-see I Hear  Library Space

An emotional Sam Stevens commented …  ‘ I like biscuits’

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