Silverdale School ~

What lunatic would have thought about putting a fully functioning rainforest experience in a school library? Errrm well that’ll be our Sam Stevens, director of Design Services. An empty tired library space at Silverdale School, much as you’ll find in most schools across the UK was a space just begging to have something done to it to ensure the first question every morning that the kids would ask is “Miss, when can we go in the rainforest library..?”. So, with a design brief to make 100 square metres area into something awesome with all that prevailing ‘WOW’ factor, we set to work.

Liz Miles, head teacher and her team were fully behind the design workshops and sessions that we ran at the school and we must say the team produced a stroke of genius in the ‘Rainforest Library’, it’s still one of our favourite and compelling projects. A 3d model of the area was produced so all could be viewed from every angle and space planning and movement around the area checked in advance of signing off the project and Learning Spaces commencing. Specialist suppliers were used for the rainforest tress and canopy foliage, a tree house was built, Aztec stone columns, wavy book cases, an array of AV equipment which allowed full wall projection and the inimatable rainforest birdsong and animal sounds to be piped through a speaker system. Phew, we get exhausted just thinking about it.

Suffice to say, the school were delighted and all the kids LOVE the area. Literacy attainment has never been so good and as for OFSTED, the school not only achieved outstanding status for all the fantastic work they do, but gave the school an extra ‘credit’  for their ‘Green Credentials’ based on the success of the rainforest Library Project.

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